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TOKUNBO, the winner of both the International Acoustic Music Award and Global Music Award, continues the story of Folk Noir with her new album 'Golden Days'.

With her latest work, TOKUNBO delivers a warm-hearted blend of folk and jazzy pop, with a cheeky hint of country. An album like a golden autumn day. Written during Lockdown 2020 the songstress conjured up the 11 new songs from memories, thoughts and wishes.

Music for the soul, earthy, luminous and gentle, which wraps itself around the listener like a soft blanket and lets him see the beauty in this sometimes dark-looking world.

The album is also a stylistic salute to the classic songwriters of the 70s such as The Carpenters and Carol King. TOKUNBO sounds grounded, and at peace with herself and the world.

The entire production is airy and clear, with a bold sense of reduction. 'Golden Days' was mixed and tonally refined by industry expert Marc Ebermann (Scorpions, Roger Cicero), so that hi-fi fans will yet again be thrilled.



Up till the release I will exclusively be dedicating albums!

Choose between an autographed and dedicated version of songstress TOKUNBO's new album.

  • original songs by folk noir singer songwriter TOKUNBO
  • 11 track album
  • comes in high quality cardboard digi pac
  • featuring a 20 page booklet with song lyrics and photos

CDs are shipped from Germany. Please allow 3-4 weeks for International deliveries.


Germany/Deutschland: für die Version mit Widmung bitte den Button 'Autographed' anklicken und 'Dedicated‘ auswählen.





01. Golden Days

02. Home Again

03. Forgive

04. Near & Far

05. Hey, Island

06. Curtains

07. See You Fly

08. On the Fence

09. Ray

10. House of Cards

11. Miles Away